Going beyond borders for a cause

The Life Jacket Foundation and the UMAR|WSR Group of companies marks the path, by providing a brand new, state of the art incubator to the Limassol Hospital Children’s Wing and its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The incubator was delivered to the children’s wing at the Limassol Hospital on Friday the 21st of September at 11:00 am, in the presence of the Limassol Hospital director Dr. Emmelia Vounou, the director of the Children’s Wing Dr. Maria Agathocleous and former director Dr. Anastasia Aggeli.

The incubator offering is the result and part of UMAR|WSR Group’s corporate social responsibility program called The Lifejacket Foundation.

Thrasos Tsangarides, founder of The Lifejacket Foundation and CEO of UMAR|WSR Group stated:

‘Our aim is to make a difference and go beyond the borders of offering maritime services, by giving back to the society in the best possible way. We have created The Lifejacket Foundation in order to achieve a major positive impact in children’s lives. Taking into consideration the needs of the institutions that aim to offer the best possible quality of life to children, we feel that it was our duty to help the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the hospital with the donation of this incubator. The incubator offering for the Limassol hospital, is a small example of the effort undertaken by the Group within its corporate social responsibility program that aims to intensify its activities going beyond Cyprus borders on a global scale.’

The Life Jacket Foundation is a result of many years of community service that was eventually developed in such a way that allows the collective force of multiple maritime leaders to target a major issue and provide assistance to children who need the support of maritime organisations such as UMAR|WSR Group and its partners.